Being a Member in good standing with the 

CAGA Certified Appraisers Guild of America

and the

CPPAG Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group

we are qualified to handle all your Appraisal needs.

Appraisals conducted for Insurance, Will Probate, Estates, Divorce settlement of Chattels,

Separation, Business Liquidation, Firesale liquidation, Bank Collateral,

commercial inventory, vehicles, ATV's, Boats, etc.

 Appraisal Values include FMV (fair market value), Insurance value, liquidation value, replacement value, depreciated value,  business going concern value, etc.

Our Appraisals have been conducted for Financial Institutions including Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Caisse Populaire, CIBC, Commercial franchies as Shell Oil, Pizza Pizza, Country Style Donuts, Resaurants, University and College in house retail units, Insurance, Barrister and Solicitors, and you, the general public.

We Appraise personal collections, watercraft, vehicles, Antiques and more!

We would be happy to help you.

Inquiries can be sent to: